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... 10/07/2019 ...


I'm having a solo exhibition next month (November 1, 2019 - December 1, 2019) The show is entitled, "MICROWORLDS"
and will be at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles.

I'll be exhibiting 9 paintings of my latest and best work. Here's a LINK to the preview online.

One of the paintings that will be shown is SPACE PLANKTON show below.



... 02/14/2019 ...

A recent character study. ‘Planktonauts 5.5’ A small one, 11 x 11 inches.


I'm currently working on several paintings in preparation for a one artist show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood Ca.
This exhibition of my new works will be opening on November 1, 2019 and run for about a month.

... 09/20/2018 ...

This is my painting from way back in 1994, “STRAY THOUGHTS”.
In 1995, Les Claypool used it for the cover art for the album “Riddles Are Abound Tonight” for his band “SAUSAGE”, .
It was blown up to the size of a giant billboard at TOWER RECORDS in San Francisco


... 09/18/2018 ...

Here’s an old drawing of mine from the year 2000. This is from before I started painting with acrylics in 2004. Looks like a mechanical drawing pen.



... 03/23/2018 ...

I've just completed a large painting which I've titled "MANTIS MUNDI" (The Mantis World), an Acrylic Painting on a wood panel 30 x 40 inches, (72.2 by 101.6 cm.)

Mantis Mundi is a commissioned 're-thinking' of the painting "MICROCOSMIC GARDEN" from 2015.
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK you have seen pictures and videos of the painting and the process.


This is only a section from the new painting MANTIS MUNDI

I'll have some photos of the entire painting in about a week. I will also offer excellent Limited Edition reproductions of Mantis Mundi at that time.

In the interim, to celebrate the completion of Mantis Mundi, I'm offering the LIMITED EDITION PRINT of MICROCOSMIC GARDEN at HALF PRICE. This is limited to 5 prints.
These five are available NOW through Saturday, 03/24/18. To get one, CLICK HERE and use the DISCOUNT CODE: "GARDENHALFOFF5"


50% OFF SALE !

MICROCOSMIC GARDEN ~ 35 X 23" Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50
Normally $140.00, FIVE are now available for $70. This sale will end when the 5 are sold, or on Saturday, March 24 at Midnight.

MICROCOSMIC GARDEN is my most popular Ltd Ed print.
The numbers are running out , so If you have been interested in one of these, now's the time to go for it.


... 03/10/2018 ...

Two of my paintings, Microverse IV, (2017), and Cephalopods II, (2017) are being exhibited in the annual “ANIMAL KINGDOM EXHIBITION” at the William Baczek Fine Arts Gallery in Northampton Mass. The show runs from 3/7/18 to 4/22/18. Here’s a link to the entire show, which includes paintings and sculptures by JANA BRIKE, , EL GATO CHIMNEY, TIM DE CHRISTOPHER, SERGEI ISUPOV, TRAVIS LOUIE, CRYSTAL MOREY, RICK PAS, SCOTT PRIOR, ERIC WERT, BRAD WOODFIN and CHIE YOSHII.

on exhibition

... 03/09/2018 ...

This is a section from my most current, (Unfinished) painting. (Garden II)
I like to create environments in my paintings that the viewer can get lost in. Each time you view my work, there’s a chance you’ll see something that you didn’t notice before.

... 09/05/2017 ...

Here's a beautiful presentation of some of my work on the art site: "Ladder & Key"

... 07/11/2017 ...

The HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE 40TH Anniversary Art Show will open this Saturday 7/15/17, at COPRO Gallery, (I will attend the opening, so maybe I'll see you there.)
A Great lineup of Artists will exhibit their work, including one of my most recent pieces, "CEPHALOPODS II"


Heavy Metal Magazine — or "Naked Chicks With Wings Monthly," as it was known in eighth grade — embarks upon its fifth decade of riveting fantasy, science fiction and artistic vibrancy at the opening of the Heavy Metal 40th-Anniversary Art Show. The group exhibition presents works by more than 80 artists — everyone from European greats like Moebius and Milo Manara to American visionaries such as Richard Corben and the late genius Jeffrey Catherine Jones. From the breadth and depths of the magazine's history, you'll also see live body painting, cels from the 1981 Heavy Metal film, limited-edition prints, memorabilia and more.

Hope to see you there! Here's a preview:


... 07/03/2017 ...

I have 4 small paintings for sale now at the "CREATURES EXHIBITION" at the BEINART GALLERY in Australia.


... 06/10/2017 ...

Read my latest Artists interview on the WOW x WOW website HERE

Robert Steven Connett’s beautifully realized visions of an unseen world teeming with vibrant and complex life forms, open windows into a universe that we rarely contemplate and most often simply forget exists. Microscopic biological phenomena of the natural world, within both flora and fauna, and particularly that of oceanic origins, provides Connett with bountiful inspirations and his unbridled passion and colorful imagination ensure his creations rise above the natural and inhabit a sphere somewhere between the familiar and the extraordinary. Connett masterfully brings a sumptuous and bizarre underworld into existence and prompts us to ask questions about our perceptions of the world around us and more importantly about our place within it. ... READ THE REST


The WOW x WOW show, ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’ is still going on during the month on June 2017. Have a look at my work, (still available at this writing) and many others by OUTSTANDING artists HERE.


... 05/22/2017 ...

WOW x WOW is set to launch a fabulous New Contemporary Art gallery on 2nd June 2017, which will be dedicated to exhibiting the very best artists within the scene from around the world!

WOW x WOW is incredibly proud to present ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’, the exciting inaugural group exhibition from our new online gallery.

With this gallery platform, WOW x WOW intends to take a step back from any of the restrictions that ‘themed’ group shows can impose on an artist’s natural expression, and instead provide a stage for participating artists to showcase new pieces from their personal and ongoing output of work.

COLLECTOR'S PREVIEW: If you would like to receive the collector's preview simply sign up to our mailing list at

This is my Painting, "Microverse IV" which will be available for sale during the ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’ Exhibition during the month of June 2017.

The painting is 16 x 16" (Framed size is 22" x 22") Acrylic on wood panel. The piece is available world wide. For questions about purchase, contact Tim at WOW x WOW, or e-Mail me HERE.


... 03/28/2017 ...

New Limited Edition print: "SEA FLOWERS" 22 x 22" - Now available.

30% OFF ALL Limited Editions on Paper. 2 days only, (EXPIRES 03/30 @ 12:01 AM)
Use code: 30OFF3DAYSONLY, Here:


... 03/05/2017 ...

A new Limited Edition Print on WOOD added to my store today: PLANKTONAUTS V - 12 x12" Limited Edition of 30.

These PRINTS OF WOOD are really strong and beautiful ... See them HERE

PLANKTONAUTS V - 12 x12" Limited Edition HERE

PLANKTONAUTS V - 12 x12" Limited Edition HERE


... 02/26/2017 ...

A new print on wood added to my store today: DEAD BOYS DREAM - 12 x12" Limited Edition of 30.
Get yours HERE

DEAD BOYS DREAM ... Now available as a Limited Edition Print on Wood.


... 02/22/2017 ...

I started a new category of prints in my shop ... Prints on Wood.

These are really nice! Thick and strong, (1/2" to 3/4" thick depending on the overall size of the print) and the reproductions quality is excellent. These prints will last a lifetime, and will be mistaken for originals. I sign each in paint, both on the front and on the back. I also hand paint the edges using the background colors from the painting. These are limited editions of 30 pieces per image. Each one is unique. The first one I've uploaded is "LITTLE GHOSTS." More will follow in time. I will only be adding my most popular paintings to this category.

CLICK HERE to see the first Limited Edition PRINT ON WOOD available: LITTLE GHOSTS

CLICK HERE to see the first Limited Edition PRINT ON WOOD available: LITTLE GHOSTS


... 02/16/2017 ...

I recently released a few selected paintings as "LIMITED EDITION" Prints. These are my most popular and best selling works.

These are also substantially larger than the "Open Editions." Each is signed and numbered. The prints are limited to 50 copies for each image.

Here's the STORE LINK for the New Editions,


... 01/10/2017 ...

Here's my framed painting being exhibited at the Los Angeles Art Show this weekend.

Title: 'CEPHALOPODS' 20 X 24" (Framed size; 26 x 30")

It can be seen at the COPRO Gallery booth, Littletopia, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Starting this Thursday, January 12 through Sunday from 11:00-7:00 PM
You can see this and MANY fine artworks at booth #733 / #735. Here is the preview link for the section:


... 09/08/2016 ...

This is a huge beautiful image, 22 x 26". All prints are signed by the artist ...

Buy it here:


... 03/29/2016 ...

I'm proud to announce that my work is featured in the current issue of HI FRUCTOSE magazine, (#39)
Get your copy HERE, or in superior book and magazine outlets and art supply stores.



... 03/27/2016 ...

My latest piece, “PLANKTONAUTS IV” is now available in a full size print edition (Heavy Paper Giclee prints are printed on 100% acid-free, 255 gsm paper, 18ML, .02 inch thickness.) GET IT HERE.
For a limited time get 10% off using code: “10PERCENTOFFNOW”


... 02/27/2016 ...

Now UNTIL 3/12, Get 30% OFF on a Full size, (18 x 18 IN. 45.7 x 45.7 cm.) very fine Signed Giclee Print of SIPHONOPHORE." Use CODE: "SIPHONOPHORE30OFF" ...
Get it HERE:


... 02/23/2016 ...

This ORIGINAL painting of "SIPHONOPHORE" is still available for sale. Contact the artist: HERE


... 02/10/2016 ...

My first painting for 2016 is titled "Siphonophore."
It will be exhibited and for sale in the upcoming "beinArt Surreal Art Show 2016" exhibition opening on February 20th at the Copro Gallery.

SIPHONOPHORE ~ 18 x 18 inches (Framed size 24 x 24 in.) Acrylic on wood


... 01/30/2016 ...

At the LA ART SHOW opening night, 1/27/2016


... 01/18/2016 ...



... 01/11/2016 ...

My final painting for 2015 is "MICROVERSE II" ... This will be shown with six other original paintings (my best work of 2015) at the upcoming annual LOS ANGELES ART SHOW, January 27 - 31, 2016.

The LA ART SHOW is a four day event being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
This is one of the world’s largest and longest running events with 150,000 square feet of exhibition space and close to 60,000 attendees last year. For more info:

MICROVERSE II is 22 x 22 inches, (55.9 cm x 55.9 cm) Framed size: 28 x 28 in.) will be for sale at the LA ART SHOW through COPRO Gallery.
Contact the Copro Gallery Manager, Gary Pressman at (310) 8292156 for more information and Pre-Sale.
You can also contact the artist directly at 213-3590869


... 09//10/2015 ...

I'll be exhibiting several paintings at the upcoming annual LOS ANGELES ART SHOW, January 27 - 31, 2016 including my large painting, "MICROCOSMIC GARDEN"

Celebrate the 2016 LA Art Show, the West Coast’s most comprehensive art experience.

The LA Art Show team is constantly driven to present a magnificent art experience that brings together galleries, artists, curators, and collectors.
The art fair world is expanding and we are proud to have emerged as one of the world’s largest and longest running events with 150,000 square feet of exhibition space and close to 60,000 attendees this past year.


... 10/20/2014 ...

Check out this excellent interview done by HI-FRUCTOSE at my studio:
HI- FRUCTOSE Studio Visit: Behind the Scenes with Robert S. Connett


... 09/10/2014 ...

The 9th annual BLAB EXHIBITION opening this weekend, Saturday, 9/13! Including my work and many fantastic artists.
Here's the preview link:



... 09/01/2014 ...

A few words about my painting ...

I'm VERY focused on what I want to do. I have images that pass before me much faster than I can capture them. My drawings have evolved to become an attempt to capture these ideas in a "short hand." ... Thus, my drawings are loose and much less articulate than they were decades ago, (Decades ago, when I assumed I would live forever, and could eventually capture every idea I would ever care to paint.) My drawings changed to what they are now because one day I woke up and realized, "HOLLY FUCK! I am going to run out of time!" ... That's when I started becoming more serious about following my own muse. Now, each painting I do seems (to me) to be another step in a connected series of attempts to capture the "perfect expression" of my visions ... the images that excite and enthrall me. I am seeking to reach the pinnacle of what I am able to achieve through my painting.(in other words, "The best I can do!") I'm always chasing that elusive perfect painting. I'll probably be chasing it until I can no longer pick up a brush. As my paintings evolve in this direction, the road becomes more defined. Thus, it becomes less likely that someone else would be able to come up with something that would fit into my raison d'etre.


... 08/10/2014 ...

One week - The opening of the "SUGGESTIVISM CHRONOLOGY' Exhibition ... a good show. I will be there ... Some really interesting works on display, and for sale. Mine as well ... I always cut my prices for exhibitions, trying to pick up new collectors. My piece, 'SEA FLOWERS', is a big and complexly orchestrated composition. Cool to see if you can make it. Even cooler to own if you can buy it. Every painting I create is something that I would love to own myself. This is one of my best in awhile I think ... Hope to see you there on 8/16/14, 8PM ...



SEA FLOWERS ~ will be exhibited and placed for sale at the "SUGGESTIVISM CHRONOLOGY' Exhibition



... 06/08/2014 ...

While I'm still working on my major painting commission (THE GARDEN, 50" x 60") I've managed to release another painting of my "microbial worlds." This one,
"LIGHT CREATURE" is somewhat like my piece from last month, "JELLIES" depicting a translucent light emitting jelly creature. This one is more detailed and incorporates some very interesting new creatures, including a jet propelled mollusk and a crustacean ala E. Haeckel ... I hope you will enjoy it.

A PRINT is available ... and since you have taken the time to read these words, Here's a 10% code If you'd like a copy. (10PERCENTOFFNOW) ... These prints are a great deal ... Large, in the original size of the painting, and signed, for only $50 bucks! (minus your 10%, even a better deal!) A larger picture of this piece can be found back at the thumbnail section (home) of this site ...



... 05/16/2014 ..


On 04-26-2014 I gave a presentation of my art , (and some of my personal backstory) to a gathering in Santa Monica California.
The audio was captured and synced up to the artworks that I described during my talk. Here's a link:


... 02/18/2014 ...

Saturday ... 2/22/2014 ~ 6 paintings on exhibition
R.S. Connett, at Copro Nason Gallery ... Bergamot Arts Complex, Santa Monica



... 08/15/2013 ...

COPRO GALLERY in Santa Monica is having their 20th anniversary exhibition this weekend.
The show will include MANY Artists from their shows throughout the years.
Artistic luminaries such as Mark Ryden, Chris Mars, SHAG and Robert Williams, (And R.S. Connett) will be exhibiting paintings.
It's a great show with many talented artists from all over the world! (HERE is the preview link:



I have two of my latest paintings in this exhibition.
In honor of COPRO Gallery, these paintings will be available for sale during the show at half-price!
These paintings will be reduced from their $3K asking price to $1500 each, only during the show.







... 03/04/2013 ...

I have a nice framed original painted study for sale. I did this while I was working on one of my larger pieces to experiment with some of the characters. And it turned out to be a very nice little painting in itself. At least I think so. I'm going to sell this little painting for only $550. Hell, the frame alone is worth almost 100 bucks! It's a good deal. If you like the painting. I call it: GRASS OWL. It's an acrylic painting on wood panel. The size of the painting is 12 x 12". Framed its size is 16 x 16" Here's a picture of it and a link to the sales page.



... 12/24/2012 ...

Just (not) in time for Xmas ... 3 new print releases.








... 12/18/2012 ...

I'm happy to say that the Painting (shown below in the 12/15/12 post) was sold the day of the ILLUMINATION Opening.
There are many more great paintings by fellow artists still available, so check them out HERE at the online preview.
I still have a few originals available in my online store, so have a look at those if you so desire: ...

Here are my favorites;


Original Painting "SOMNAMBULANTS" available HERE, Well framed for $2500. USD


Original Painting, "IDIOT GODS" available HERE, Nicely framed for only $1800. USD


... 12/15/2012 ...

My most recent painting. "LEPIDOPTERA" is on sale at COPRO GALLERY for only $2900. Normally, I would ask $4,000.00 for this painting.
However, because I love Copro gallery, I'm offering this nicely framed piece for this special price during the "ILLUNINATION" exhibition.
If you'd like to secure this piece, or have any questions, please contact Gary Pressman, or a member of his staff at the gallery, 310-829-2156.


The painting is 20" x 24", FRAMED size is 28" x 30", (Painting is framed)

... 09/02/2012 ...

I have just completed a new painting. The title is "FEAST of the HAVENOTS" Here's a preview image. The original is 20" x 24" (Framed it is 28" x 32")



9/3/12: I've got paintings in a two exhibitions running concurrently this month. One in Tuscan Arizona, the other in Santa Monica California.

The first exhibition features my painting, "IDIOT GODS" and will be running until October 2012 at the Sacred Machine Gallery. here's a list of all the great artists in this exhibition;

Daniel Martin Diaz (Tucson) Joe Sorren (New York) Craig LaRotonda (Buffalo) Norbert Kox (Wisconsin) Robert Palacios (Los Angeles) Paul Barnes!(Scotland, UK) Michael Page (San Francisco) Jennybird Alcantara (San Francisco) Derek Nobbs!(North Pole, AK) Jasmine Worth!(San Diego) Matthew Couper!(New Zealand) Elizabeth Frank (Tucson) Robert Steven Connett (Los Angeles) Brian Despain (Michigan) Raudiel Sañudo (Mexico) Joel Nakamura (Santa Fe) Jon MacNair (Michigan) Bryan Cunningham (Los Angeles) Marie Sena (Albuquerque) E. Michael Contreras (Tucson) Chris Rush (Tucson) P-Jay Fidler (Los Angeles) Charlie Immer (Maryland)!Nick Georgiou (Tucson)!Alex Chavez (Taos, NM)!Titus Castanza (Tucson) James J. Peterson (Tucson)

Sacred Machine presents the 3rd Annual Santa Muerte Music & Arts Festival, which features the strange and beautiful artwork of 27 world-renowned artists and 18 musical performances. Join us for the Opening Celebration on Sept 7th from 7PM-midnight and join Blind Divine and friends on Sept 8th for a rare live performance at Sacred Machine. View the music calendar and artwork online at


Opening Saturday, September 8, will be for a celebration for BLAB WORLD III, at the Copro gallery in Santa Monica.

Copies of BLAB WORLD II, (which I also have this PAINTING in) will be available for signatures by the artists, including myself!

BLAB WORLD is a deluxe anthology of art, illustration, articles, profiles, found graphics, cartoons and sequential art collected by award-winning art director Monte Beauchamp. BLAB WORLD 2 features: The Hereafter” -- a 50-page section of artists interpreting the afterlife! Contributors include Femke Heimstra, Kris Kuksi, Gary Baseman, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Martin Wittfooth, Gary Taxali, Yoko d’Holbachie, Ryan Heshka ,Robert Steven Connett, Eric White, Owen Smith, Xiaoquing Ding, Lou Beach, Marc Burckhardt, Chet Zar, and many more!

Copro Gallery presents the BLAB WORLD 2012 group art exhibition. This will be the 7th annual BLAB exhibition with Copro Gallery curated by Monte Beachamp. The current 2012 group exhibition will feature art from the upcoming BLAB WORLD 3 book which will be released next year and at this years artist reception we'll have copies of BLAB WORLD 2 available for signing which features art from this year and last years show. Artists included: Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ana Bagayan, Ryan Heshka, Yoko d'Holbachie, Travis Louie, Eric White, Cathie Bleck, Leslie Ditto, Chris Mars, Andy Kehoe, Travis Lampe, Gary Taxali, Erik Mark Sandberg, Lou Beach, Jana Brike, Marc Burkhardt, Eric Fortune, Martin Wittfooth, Mark Garro, Chris Buzelli, Robert Steven Connett, Craig LaRotunda, Andrew Arconti, Dan May, Fred Stonehouse, Jessica Joslin, Jarod Joslin, Chet Zar and more! BLAB WORLD is a deluxe anthology of art, illustration, articles, profiles, found graphics, cartoons and sequential art collected by award-winning art director Monte Beauchamp. BLAB WORLD 2 features: The Hereafter” -- a 50-page section of artists interpreting the afterlife! Contributors include Femke Heimstra, Kris Kuksi, Gary Baseman, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Martin Wittfooth, Gary Taxali, Yoko d’Holbachie, Ryan Heshka, Eric White, Owen Smith, Xiaoquing Ding, Lou Beach, Marc Burckhardt, Chet Zar, and many more!



Get this BOOK

... 06/20/2012 ...

Cover article for 'DIRECT ART' magazine out of New York. Also a nice 7 page spread with interview which I will post here when it comes out next month.


... 06/12/2012 ...

I am exhibiting an original painting at "BOTANICA" which opens this Friday at the GENOME gallery in Charlotte, South Carolina. Website:


This Painting, (INFAUNA) framed size: 15" x 18" is available HERE

Botanica, an offshoot of the word botanical, relating to the science of plant life. Surreal paintings from over 25 artists that depict growth, development and death united with characters and objects from differing cultures, times and locations.

Joe Vaux • Dan May • Joey Remmers • Jason Limon • R.S. Connett • Skot Olsen • Dan Barry Nathan Spoor • Johannah O'Donnell • David Hoskins • Scott Donald • Robert Bowen Aaron Jasinski • David K. Rose • Scott Scheidly • Mr. Hooper • Leslie Ditto • Shaunna Peterson Jonathan Bergeron • Henry Schreiber • Richard J. Frost • Andrew Spear • Christopher Umana Bill Uminati • Kevin Peterson • Dave MacDowell • Joshua Clay • Eric Althin • Raymond Klecker


... 05/08/2012 ...

Man, the days FLY by, don't they? I have had some recent interest in my TATTOO designs such as this one, "SPINAL TOTEM TATTOO"


... 04/14/2012 ...

This is the finished painting mentioned in a few entries below. I specifically made for the upcoming "DREAMS" issue of BLABWORLD magazine. The show will be in October 2012, and then the painting will become available for sale. (Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca. USA)

This thing has been a BITCH from day one. When I started it, I was sick with a cold. I've put almost twice the time into this as my last painting, (and they are the same size, 16" x 16") Most of that extra time was fixing things and changing things. I almost gave it up twice during the process. I wanted to trash it! It was a drama and often depressing. Up to the final moments I was frustrated. However, I pushed myself to the end of it. Sometimes my work just goes that way. Perhaps it is a reflection of my life? HA!... Now, after I have finally finished it, I like it!

This one I call, "BAD DREAMS."


BAD DREAMS ~ 4/2012
click to see a larger version

... 04/14/2012 ...

I don't usually do "TIKI" related images, but a few years back i was asked to do something for a Tiki exhibition ... I came up with "TIKI POND."


... 04/09/2012 ...

Here's the same small area, (from my current unfinished painting) that I posted 48 hours ago. It is progressing!


... 04/07/2012 ...

Here's another small section (unfinished) from my current painting in progress.
Since I "gave up" trying to appease my inner slave driver, this is beginning to fall together for me.
I now look forward to a few days of solitude and intense work.


... 04/05/2012 ...

Working on the "DREAMS" painting.

I'm beginning to see the painting becoming something now. Finally, after over 50 hours work, I think I'm finally on track with this one! The last two paintings fell together so well for me, they were both almost done by this time! (60-70 hours)

This one has been the most difficult painting I've been involved with for a long time. I think this is because I am working with an idea suggested by someone else. That is not to say that "DREAMS" is a bad idea. In fact, I think It's a great idea! However, it was not MY idea.

In my career as an artist i've taken this "rebellion against authority" thing, (which I've had to fight my whole life in order to make things work) to a new level. I can not easily take suggestions or directions, no matter how subtle or "friendly" they might be. I've conditioned myself to repulse any ideas other than my own. As an artist, that sounds okay, right? My ideas should be my own.

However, I've psyched myself into having a relentless aversion to suggestions of any kind, and that may be taking things too far.

For one to think like this, one should be independently wealthy. Alas, I am not. (not yet dammit!)

In my past, I ran a small business. I was plagued by the responsibilities of two sets of individuals; the employees I had to manage, and those entities I did business with who dictated the direction my business would need take to be profitable. I vowed that some day I would neither have anyone "over or under me!" This was a goal of mine for many years! Now, I have almost accomplished that. The only commands I must respond to are those of the ones who judge my artistic achievements.

I am ruthlessly singular! The mere fact that someone has suggested that this painting be about "DREAMS" has made it very difficulty for me to paint it! Still, I will work through this, and I hope it will be an interesting painting when I am done.


a small section of the painting I'm currently working on. A centipede walks through my dream.

My last work. "PLANKTONAUTS III"


... 04/04/2012 ...

I'm currently working on a painting which is to illustrate "DREAMS."
This is for the "DREAM ISSUE" of BLABWORLD magazine. It's interesting, trying to portray dreams and dreaming ... What dreams mean to me, in images painted on a one dimensional surface.

I dream vividly and often. I have intense dreams even when I drift away for a short nap in the afternoon.

My first "go-around" with the canvas was so frustrating that I actually painted out 80% of what I had done. This is unusual. Ten hours later, I did this again! Last night, I went into a state of anger and frustration which finally caused me to sketch out a representation of dreams in which I feel interested enough to go on with. As it turns out, these ideas are more about the nightmare aspect of dreams, than a dream overview. In other words, this painting is about my nightmares, of which I have many.

These images are insectoid in nature. They are crawling over a skull that has a living and seeing eye. Attached to the back of that eye, (inside the brain cavity) is a telescope, and a human face peering through that telescope, and out through the eye at the nightmarish insects that are crawling on and around the skull. This "person" inside the head looking out is sharing the brain cavity with others ... One is an owl. The others have not yet shown themselves.

I should have this done in a week or ten days, and I will display it here.

Below is a small picture of my last BLABWORLD painting, "HADES", This "AFTERLIFE" issue will be out in June 2012, and can be pre-ordered on AMAZON.


... 03/30/2012 ...

One of my favorite moths is the "Polyphemus moth."
In my painting from 2008, "INSECTUS" I painted one caught in a spiders web. This moth is named "POLYPHEMUS" due to it's large eye markings.

POLYPHEMUS was the gigantic one-eyed Cyclops son of Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology.
The Cyclopes Polyphemus plays a big part in Homer's Odyssey.
I read that book when I was very young and was entranced by the Cyclops, (which was also wonderfully re-created by Ray Harryhousen in the movie "SEVENTH VOAGE of SINBAD"
I saw that movie first run in the Theatre in 1958, at the age of 7, about the same time I read the books, The ILIAD and The Odyssey.


... 3/26/2012 ...

I've been picking apart the painting 'ANTAGONY' in these past several posts. Naming the characters might give insight into how I see the piece.
This is the old 'POLITICIAN SOLDIER' from the right panel.
(Antagony full Link:


... 3/25/2012 ...

This is one of the soldiers from the painting ANTAGONY,
(Antagony full Link: (



... 3/24/2012 ...

The TV watching prisoners with melting faces from ANTAGONY
(Antagony full Link:


... 3/23/2012 ...

Another character I like from "ANTAGONY" is the 'Screaming Child Machine'
(Antagony full Link:


... 2/17/2012 ...

I have new framed Giclee Prints in my online shop. These are really beautiful, and well worth the price.

Folks mistake these for originals ALL the time. I have them hanging in my home.

check them out here




... 12/12/2011 ...

2 Original paintings are currently available in my online store





... 11/01/2011 ...

From a recent interview with "HEY!" magazine, France;

2 – You had an amazing prime life time… Please, tell us more about it…

RS: A unique life you mean? Yes. As is everyone's. I probably do not understand this question, but I will endeavor to answer it anyway.

I strive to understand what I'm doing here, (a thinking, living thing on a planet in the universe). I wonder not only how life was formed, but why. Many people will think this a waste of time. I think it’s a terrible waste of time NOT to consider these questions.

So far, the only purpose I can imagine for life is to search and increase knowledge and spread intelligence throughout the universe. Perhaps our purpose as an intelligent species is to “wake up” the universe. To make it intelligent. However, before I can help with that, I’ve got to make myself intelligent by making full use of my brain. The only way I can see to do that is by merging with technology. Anyone who has read the books of Ray Kurzweil, ( knows that my outlook is influenced by him. In his predictions, (and those of like minded individuals), I believe I see a way for our race to survive and flourish. Until i was introduced to these ideas, I saw the human race as doomed, without hope of survival beyond our current problems of overpopulation and global pollution.

I have thought for many years that the biggest problem humans have is overpopulation. All the other difficulties are born from that. We did not threaten the planet when we were a few hundred million people. Now that we have hit seven billion, we are a threat to everything, including ourselves!

It’s amazing to me how few people care. Apathy is our potential downfall.

It’s my hope that we can turn this around through technology, because I don’t think we can turn our problems around using current methods. Hell, I can’t seem to separate my garbage properly. I think it’s too late for that to matter. Our savior may be science.

Some of you are thinking, “What about God?”

I say; If there was a GOD to come and save us, I think he would have done so by now … Or “smote” us , or something! The concept of GOD is mostly (or possibly completely) obsolete. Perhaps in another time, long ago, religion served an important purpose in our developing civilizations. Now, I believe, it is an enemy of our survival.

The people who hide behind religion scare me. They say “GOD will save us!” and when he doesn't, it’s because he “Works in mysterious ways!” It’s time that we recognize how dangerous this thinking is. This is the kind of thinking that will prevent us from saving ourselves from the catastrophes we have created. We can turn these things around, but not if religious zealots succeed in halting progress because it’s against their “beliefs”. Next time someone tries to sell you on why it’s “okay” to be religious, because it’s “not hurting anybody” remember that it’s these religious people that try and stop scientific research.

I am also influenced by the British biologist of Richard Dawkins, ( and especially his book, “THE GOD DELUSION”(link: He is much more eloquent than I in explaining the pitfalls of religion in our times. Of course, most religious people would burn this book before they read the first page. That’s part of the problem with “blind faith”.

I have learned that honesty is a survival tool. one must be a “courageous self examiner.” It’s very difficult to know what honesty is. We are 99% chemical reaction, and 1% semi-intelligent free-thinking entity, (or so I hope!) I have learned in 60 years that one must review your life constantly. Look in life’s mirror and think honestly about who and what you are. How do you effect others and the world around you? Use your mind! It’s not easy!

Do not rely on others. You are in control of your destiny, if you will be! Do not “believe the hype” that those who are in control feed you through the computer, TV, radio and telephone! Be different! Be yourself! (yes, i’m also influenced by Steve Jobs) It’s okay to be influenced. It’s impossible not to be. Influenced is NOT controlled. You can control your influences.

My life has been no more or less eventful than anyone's. We all go through hardships, some more than others. I have seen many things only because I have lived long enough. There's nothing special about it, nothing unique. If you live long enough you will see many things good and bad. You will become many things. You will change your my mind many times. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

... 10/24/2011 ...

CURRENTLY I have two paintings in two group shows. One is the 25th Anniversary exhibition and book release (my painting "TRANSVOLUTION" shown below is in the book) for the LA LUZ DE JESUS Gallery in Hollywood California. OVER 250 ARTISTS are participating in this amazing exhibition. I highly recommend it. Here's a LINK: Ongoing through November 2011

The other show I'm currently exhibiting in is the "SANTA MUERTE MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL" being held at the beautiful Gallery and Museum, "SACRED MACHINE" owned by the artist Daniel Martin Diaz. This show includes such artistic luminaries as;

Chris Mars (Minneapolis) Daniel Martin Diaz (Tucson) Dave Cooper (Canada) Jason D'Aquino (Brooklyn) Craig LaRotonda (Buffalo) Bob Dob (Los Angeles) Norbert Kox (Wisconsin) Fred Stonehouse (Milwaukee) Robert Palacios (Los Angeles) Paul Barnes (Scotland, UK) Nicoletta Ceccoli (Italy) Michael Page (San Francisco) Scott Holloway (Massachusetts) Jennybird Alcantara (San Francisco) Nathan Ota (Los Angeles) Derek Nobbs (North Pole, AK) Jasmine Worth (San Diego) Matthew Couper (New Zealand) Elizabeth Frank (Tucson) Robert Steven Connett (Los Angeles) Femke Hiemstra (Netherlands) Brian Despain (Michigan) Raudiel Sañudo (Mexico) Rhod Lauffer (Tucson)

Check out the link here: ongoing through November 2011

... 09/10/2011 ...

I'll be at the BLAB SHOW this coming Saturday night, 9/10/11 - My painting "HADES", (see below) will be on display (and for sale) along with MANY other awesome artists.
If you are in the LA area, hope you can check out the show, running through the month of September at COPRO GALLERY.

HADES - The next world


... 06/17/2011 ...


Finally, a decent shop has been opened offering my BEST prints. Both the hand made stretched cotton canvas and thick paper prints.
Many of my paintings are represented, and more will follow in the weeks to come.

To send this off I've issued a 10% discount code that'll be good for 30 days, (expires 7/17/2011)
TYPE IN CODE XXX666 for an automatic 10% off any item in the store, including sale items.

Click image or HERE to enter the shop

THANK YOU for supporting ART and Artists ~ GOD will love you for it, if he/she/it exists.

... 06/15/2011 ...

I was given an award today! ... And a nice display of my work from the kind folks at ... Check it out;

Dabomba silver

... 06/03/11 ...


My newest painting commission.

Acrylic on wood panel. 18" x 24" (45.7cm. X 61.0 cm.)

Another commissioned painting.

The commissioner is in the pharmaceutical business. He suggested that I include (if i could) some of his wares. That was an opportunity for me to express my feelings about the subject in symbolic prose, via my paint and imagination.

The scrotal looking plants in the painting are my favorites, California Pitcher plants, also known as "COBRA LILIES". These clever plant adaptations entice their insect pray into a narrow mouth, heading toward a digestive "pot" with inward pointing hairs, preventing the insect from reversing out.

note: In the foreground; The rod of Asclepius, also known as the asklepian, is an ancient symbol associated with astrology, the Greek god Asclepius, and with medicine and healing. It consists of a serpent entwined around a staff. (sans frog)

Of my feelings, ideas and images portrayed in this painting, some are new, but many recur for me. This environment in the painting is a "garden" or "swamp" which I see and daydream about often in my life. It's a place conjured from a deep distant memory of my childhood. It is a place by water in a dark dense forest where I was completely content and spellbound by its beauty, tranquility and “aliveness”. I have dreamed of this place many times, and instinctually think of it as my personal "heaven." If there is such a place as heaven, mine will be a green and lush place in a universal forest of pulsating life.

The water in the painting is still and deep. It contains many life forms, and is itself alive. Deep water has always mesmerized me. The dead man in the pool is a symbol of my personal death. I have introduced this image into many of my paintings. The insects and small creatures represent my fascination with worlds of tiny complexity. The skull, for me, is always a symbol of death. In this work I have used the skull to epitomize the fear and loathing I have for the hazards of being a human in a world alive with fearful biological perils, (and hence, my use of the symbol for “bio-hazard”). From this skull, which is born from the mortar and pestle, comes the capsules, tablets and injections often necessary to help cure what ails us.

The forms that protrude from the sides of the composition are experiments in “abstract symbolism” (for lack of any better descriptive term) They don't necessarily represent anything, and yet, I hope they vaguely represent something different, and I hope a bit of a mystery, for all of the people who will eventually view the painting.

This painting took 168 hours to complete over 24 sessions. ... R.S. Connett, 6/9/2011

NOTE: A letter from the commissioner after he'd seen his new painting for the first time;

Robert! Words can't even begin to describe what you have created for me, but I will try anyways. This painting is beautiful and very personal at the same time. I would greatly enjoy hearing some of your thoughts behind your final creation. I love your use of the Staff of Asclepius - what a powerful symbol. It will be great to see what people think of this specific portion of the painting who are unaware of its relevance (as well as the majestic frog perched on top). I think your interpretation/vision of what we discussed is fantastic, and you're right - I never could have imagined this as a final product, but that's also why I wanted you to paint this piece. I truly think it's as beautiful from a great distance as it is up close. The mortar and pestle creating the destruction above is phenomenal (And my favorite part of the painting, at least for right now). Such strong imagery throughout. I spent a year and half of my life looking under a microscope after staining slides of HIV infected brain, so the lower right and upper left corners of this piece will always remind me of my time spent in the lab - as it was truly some of the best time of my life. I love the creatures throughout, the vertebrae running up the left side, the veins/arteries/nerves being exposed, and of course the pharmacological products dispersed amongst the "PharmaGarden". I feel very fortunate to have been able to have this piece commisioned by you. I am more than happy to wire the money from my bank account to yours, just give me the details for this to happen. Also, I think we should do the frame, especially if you already have the perfect one to go with the painting. Again, thanks for creating something so infinitely detailed and that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

* For commission prices, contact R.S. Connett at




... 12/13/2010 ...


My newest painting commission.

These are the kinds of paintings that I truly love to make. Unfortunately, for something like this, that can take 300 hours, I must have funding. Any painting I create that is large and complex, will require a commission. Unfortunately, money IS an object at this time. I love to create worlds which are alive and rich with diversity. This is the kind of work that you can look into for months, and then discover something that you did not recall seeing before. That's a sort of magic that I love to create. If I had the funding, I would sit with one huge canvas, perhaps spend a year on it. I hope that this will happen before I kick out of this world. ... RS ~ 12/13/2010

... 10/25/2010 ...

There are artists out there who eschew traditional approaches to drawing but are nonetheless obsessed with detail as a way express what are often frightening visions of the world in general and humanity in particular. H. R. Giger and Chris Mars spring to mind. Their roots lie in the dreamlike visions of Heironymous Bosch. It is a difficult artistic path. Most who try it fail to develop a unique vision or compelling style and get mired in cliche psychedelia. This kind of work is often driven by direct experiences with drug addiction, insanity or both, which can explain the rarity of finding such artists who also have the discipline to excel. R. S. Connett has become one of those exceptions.

... David Carmack Lewis

... 10/23/2010 ...

‘ANTAGONY’ is a painting which illustrates a possible vision of the future.

sold 12/2010


It’s a painting of antagonism, disaffection and hostility. It illustrates plausible effects of world population, in conjunction with technical evolution. For the future, I can imagine death on an unparalleled scale. The painting does not show death or killing, but I’ve tried to paint harbingers of this possibility. Enslavement is a by-product of the devaluation of life. I paint that into the painting, along with addiction, sickness, symbols of war, insanity and people watching too much TV!

I see a possibility that the world is headed for a “have and have not” hierarchy. The middle class may disappear. This leaves only the ones on top, and at the bottom. At some point, people will either have abundance, or they will be lacking.

In this painting, the men on top merging with the machines, depict how the “haves” enjoy the remaining fruits of the Earth. The ‘haves’ cheat death by utilizing technology. They (the haves) self-evolve into a new human form. They reinvent themselves because they can. Pretty much like the predictions of Ray Kurzweil, only not quite as scrupulously.

Privacy as we know it, will become obsolete. You see that there are eyes everywhere in my painting. These are the remote eyes of the controllers who observe all that the have-nots do. The great herds of have-nots to come can only be controlled with constant vigilance. I can conceive that soon, every movement the have-nots make will be digitally recorded. This is already happening in many places all over the world. Our DNA will be recorded. Anyone can be easily located using GPS. There will have no escape from the government, no privacy as we now take for granted.

The population of Earth will be near a critical mass by the time we reach the so called “Singularity.” (Estimated at 2050-20060) At some point in technological evolution, humanity will be able to achieve rapid self evolution. However, I don’t think everyone will be able to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, the grim outcome for the billions of have-nots is already unavoidable. I see an interesting future on the horizon, (like the old Chinese curse) The one thing that’s most difficult to imagine is how humanity can survive much longer as we do now.

... 09/5/2010 ...

My work will be included in the BLAB WORLD SHOW, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles ~ Show dates: 9/11/2010 - 10/2/2010

... 08/5/2010 ...

My work will be included in BOLD HYPE, New York City exhibition, "THINGS TO COME" ~ Show dates: 9/9/2010 - 10/9/2010

... 08/04/2010 ...

The following is an e-mail I received and answered.

Hi there connett,
 This is xxxxxxxxxx, I've purchased one small original drawing and some prints from you awhile back. Just wanted to write and say how bad ass it is that you have finally found your long awaited place in art history. I am saying this for all the reasons you know. All the shit that an artist goes through, all the damage he does to himself, all that goddamn wasted time.
 I  am currently stuck in that terrible shitty self damaging period. So when I read your journey, I can feel optimistic about things. It seems mistakes need to be made in order to learn from them, even if it takes years. Meth is what is killing my desire for art. It seems apparent. The brain works in such a way which points to this sad fact. Even though my collectors have unlimited amount of money to obtain my art, I still dont feel like painting because that desire and fire is just not there. I never have had any problems making money from my art but I never thought about the what if's. What if I run out of my desire to create art? Shit! Well if I aint doped up I aint interested. If I aint doped up I produce nothing. Even when I am doped up and full of focus and drive, I may waste that time on a pile of brush that I've been meaning to deal with or all the sudden I make a stone walkway or I organize my jpegs by time date and content. --instead of painting.
  Jeezuz this sucks balls!! Ebay corporation owns my art, prominent popular people own my art, my art always makes people say wonderful things to me. But me, the big meth jack-ass fucks it all up because I cant stand to be tired and lazy. Put a line of blow in front of me and ZIP, ZANG, ZOWY!!! Hey I am alive! But when the shit wears off,  BOY I am just a mush of shit. Ive been to black tie events honoring art in which I won an award. My art has put me in the sky by way of airplane on way to a gala, ceremony, award event. Published work, newspaper articles. It is a clear fact that art is a powerful ability. But I am already dependent on the drug, and no kind of accolade matters. I dont mean to freak you out with this email. I just needed to let you know that your journey gives me hope for the shit I am dealing with. From one artist to another, I am happy to know you are succeeding. Succeeding in that diligent work ethic kinda way.

Hey xxxxxxxxxx ... Thanks for the letter, the good words.

I can tell you what I did, what I do, that helps me stay away from the state of mind that you are experiencing with drugs. I managed, through very hard work, to transfer my addiction for drugs, to an addiction for creating my art. My interaction with my art now is very much like my interaction with drugs was.

I horde my painting time. I avoid contact with others, (and have become reclusive) I lie to get time with my paints. I say up every night, (7 days a week) till 4 AM working. I sleep till noon. I do this to optimize my time away from interacting with others about anything other than art.

My finances are a mess, because I avoid them, (and I don't make enough money) Like a drug, I want to draw or paint when I'm unhappy, tense or in any sort of negative mood. Also, if I am in a good mood, I want to do art. (If you substitute the word "art" for drug," you see what I mean) I feel like I am not in the world. I feel that I am not real. I feel that I have little time left to live.

I must devote my time to knocking out the best work I can, and basically ... Fuck everything else. This is not conducive with survival. In many ways, my world is falling apart. I have had, and am having some success with my art. This is WONDERFUL for me! However, at the same time. I am going to the dogs. I eat cereal for breakfast and dinner, (no lunch) I don't exercise enough, (no time, must paint!) so I'm out of shape and getting fat. I get  accolades for my artwork, but NOT enough money, so my house is near to foreclosure, my bills are not paid. The phone rings off the hook from creditors, unpaid credit cards. 

I have this "superiority complex" that says to me, "you are better than all this, so FUCK them!" I have no close friends, other than my wife, (who I see about 1-2 hours a day)

So, you see ... These are the same symptoms of addiction that drugs create, only it's not drugs. It's art ... It's my art addiction. A try to avoid everything other than my drug. If I can sell my paintings for more, I might be able to survive this addiction for many years. This is my hope, to just keep going. I live in the moment the same way I did as a junkie.

I hope in some way this might help you. I don't know ... But I hope so man.

~ RS 8/2010

... 5/24/2010 ...

"BUGGED", 8" X 10" 3/2010

... 6/03/2009 ...

My work will be included in this show during the month of June 2009 ~ Show dates: 6/5/2009 - 6/27/2009
Daniel Fountain Contemporary (formally Definition Gallery), Baltimore, MD
With; Dan May, Charlie Immer, Steve Seeley, R.S. Connett, Chrystal Chan, Yosiell Lorenzo, Justin Rose,
Rudy Fig, Angie Mason, Leontine Greenberg, Leah Palmer Preiss, Neil Verni, Ryan Weigner, S'TAR and Michael Owen.

... 3/28/2009 ...

My work will be included in this show during the month of April. My painting, "THE BONE-YARD WALK" will be shown and is for sale.

...03/26/2009 ...

Artist comments

ACRYLIC ON WOOD COMPOSITE PANEL 16" X 20" (40.6 cm x 50.8 cm)
Completion date 3/25/2009


...11/27/2008 ...


Check out the ART BASEL MIAMI "KNOW" Exhibition! Featuring new Art by 'yours truley' and 100 astounding artists!

Artists Preview Part #1 ~ KNOW Exhibition and preview Party

About the Art Basel Miami show ~ Interview with RS Connett

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