Click HERE to see the progression of this painting

Click HERE to see the progression of this painting

The painting is dedicated to Russ Kent, A.K.A.:"Mr. Hate", and his incredible radio show "RADIO FREE HATRED."

For years Mr. Hates Radio show, "RADIO FREE HATRED" has had a huge influence upon me, my art ... my very existence. Russ Kent, aka; 'Mr. Hate' has been the master purveyor of unique 'sounds' for the past 8 years. I can not, in mere words, describe to you what sort of 'music' or 'sounds' he dispenses. With a few notable exceptions. I have not the patience to memorize the many artists he incorporates into his playlists. However, I will say these sounds come from somewhere beyond Earth, Heaven and Hell ... His are the rarest musics of dead civilizations, the sounds of instruments that time has forgotten, dredged up from the morass of black madness and delivered up from secret dimensions of the deathly white light. I suggest that you tune in and listen for yourself. (See below for info on streaming Internet broadcasts)

For nearly 8 years I have listened to tapes of 'Radio Free Hatred' while I paint and draw. The images conjured by the sounds so masterfully arraigned by Mr. Hate help me to delve deep into secret worlds which exist within me. His arraignments help me to touch, feel and become the images in my mind. The mood he sets during his shows take me, mesmerized, into subconscious regions that perhaps without his assistance, I would never have discovered. Russ Kent is a genius.

This painting is my small tribute to the excellence of his shows and the wonderful rare sounds that he works tirelessly to find and spin together so maniacally. It was while listening to his sounds that I created my finest art works. It was also his sounds that awoke me during the fire that burned down my home ... and perhaps saved my life. Although most of my RFH collection was destroyed in that fire, I salvaged a few that were located elsewhere. The inspiration I found in these few surviving tapes helped me to regain the ability to externalize my thoughts, emotions and indeed, something deeper and indefinable ... something that I believe can only be conjured through a special magic. Mr. Hate is the master magician. He is the multi dimensional mindspider who spins a world of sound unlike any other.

His sound exhibitions are not for everyone. I have seen timid souls leave the room in fear or feigned disgust over his selections ... I have witnessed him clear rooms, (at my gallery parties, where he deigned to be my 'DJ') Is Radio Free Hatred for you? You must listen to know. His show, 'Radio Free Hatred' was broadcast every Thursday night from radio station KFJC, 98.7 FM emanating from Los Altos Hills, California ... In my opinion 'still' one of the finest stations available today. I say 'still one of the finest' because tragically, Russ has retired his show from KFJC. The good news is that Radio Free Hatred can still be heard every * even numbered * Tuesday at midnight on Radio KPFA, 94.1 FM, emanating from Berkeley, California. You can still listen to these shows regardless of your location if you are set up for streaming MP3 or Real Audio.

I strongly suggest that you allow yourself to listen ... Perhaps you will find a 'different you' in Mr. Hates tapestry of noise, as I have. To listen to RADIO FREE HATRED click here at Midnight on any EVEN numbered Tuesday of any month. Click on the 'Listen online' link.

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