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TRANSVOLUTION ~ 14" x 18" ~ (35.6 cm. x 45.7 cm.) ~ 3/2011

Original sold
Prints Available by special request only

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This is a painting exhibited in the "LA LUZ DE JESUS 25th ANIVERSARY RETROSPECTIVE." La Luz Gallery is in Los Angeles.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of La Luz de Jesus, mastermind Billy Shire has organized a monumental group show featuring around 300 artists, each of whom have contributed one new piece and a written anecdote about their experience with the gallery. In 25 years of groundbreaking exhibitions, this is La Luz's first published survey, featuring three generations of the most important artists working today. The book, a companion to the show, chronicles the rich legacy of La Luz de Jesus and the thriving art movements it helped launch. Involved in the La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary project is a who's-who of art, including Robert Williams, Joe Coleman, Glenn Barr, Elizabeth McGrath, the Clayton Brothers, Gary Panter, Mark Mothersbaugh, Lou Beach, Hudson Marquez, Aaron Smith, Owen Smith, Frank Kozik, Manuel Ocampo, Don Ed Hardy, Jeff Soto, Dave Cooper, Daniel Martin Diaz, Scott Musgrove, Bari Kumar, Tim Biskup, Joe Sorren, Chris Mars, Jessica Joslin, The Pizz, Coop, Shag, Gary Baseman, Bob Dob, R.S. Connett and many more

To get the book "LA LUZ DE JESUS 25TH ANNIVERSARY" containing this painting as well as 250 artists, CLICK HERE! .

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