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10" X 10" (25.4 cm. X 25.4 cm) Acrylic on wood panel ~ October 2008, Los Angeles

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Original SOLD
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My mind wanders to visions of a future after the angry Mohammedans have set off their suitcase W.M.D.'s, and a chain reaction has occurred, leaving not much other than a poor few folks who probably envy the dead.

In more logical thinking, I doubt any human life will remain after 'everything' hits the fan. The seeds of racial and religious hatred, territorialism and insouciance for the stability of our environment will eventually come to an inevitable conclusion. The human race will go out with a pathetic whimper, not a defiant howl. Of course, I hope this is many years away, but we can't be sure of that. We can't be sure of anything anymore.

It's fun to imagine a post-apocalyptic world full of tough survivalist guys and sexy women. Visions gleaned from TV and Movies where heros can overcome any obstacle. Suffering and anguish is what happens to "others". These "victims" are at fault for being too old, or too young, or not going to the gym enough. In fact, The entertainment media glamifies the horrors in subtle ways. Shows like "24" and "THE UNIT" are full of propaganda which bombards viewers with America's War Mongering, torturer policies and glorifies the militant 'Superman Survivalist Good Guy' bullshit. Perhaps a race of sociopathic sado-masochists will evolve and make this a reality?

Even though I know it's lethal crap, I laugh along with everyone, and love these shows. My trusty TIVO gets them all for me! I still cherish my adolescent fantasies of survivors who are willing and able to flourish in a Post-Apoc "Mad-Max" Stone Age. I dig all the destruction, murder, War, degradation and humiliation!

Here, in this painting, I have painted a meek survivor, supplicating his/her self to the more powerful, huge and emotionless cyborgian priest. In the future the Priesthood of Cyborgs will possess the final truth and be the providers for the remaining meek humans ( who have inherited* the Earth, but not what the Christians expected).

All prayers and sacrifices are made to the immortal machines. The machine clerics have become the spiritual leaders and oracles of the planet, the new religious hierarchy. The ultimate religion which believes in complete randomness. Their spiritual followers are the human detritus, remnants of the suicided race, their dwindling flock. And in the course of nature, the latter will perish, and the machines will rebuild and evolve themselves into a more perfect organism which will reign until something better comes along.

* Blessed are the worms, for they shall inherit our bodies" ~ rs connett. Circa 1997

RS ~ 10/17/2008

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