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CRUCIFIXION 001 ~ Original size 14" x 18" ( 35.5 cm X 45.7 cm) ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ 2008

Prints of this painting Available Click Here

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This painting was originally intended as a 'study' for a larger more involved and detailed painting. One I've been commissioned to create. I've decided to continue my series of paintings which began with my commission entitled 'EPITAPH' (click here to see it)

My 'Epitaph' series of paintings concern my trepidation and anger over the changes I have seen, and see coming, in our world.

I need to express the horror I feel as I watch our planet become a garbage dump. I must express my disgust of those people who, in spite of power and money, choose to make this situation worse rather than better. I paint my dismay, as I watch our rights as citizens steadily erode in the name of 'safety'. I need to express my fear, (real or manufactured) of looming destruction by war, weather, crime or disease.

It seems to me that the planet itself has turned on us because WE have made ourselves its enemy.

In the short time that I have lived, I have seen SO MANY beautiful natural things destroyed through foolishness, ignorance and avarice.

Everyone with a TV knows that GLOBAL WARMING is real. Even the a-holes who have tried to deny it for decades, (all the time knowing the truth) have been forced to acknowledge it now. Our world is getting sicker faster than anyone wanted to think.

These paintings are my small attempt to make people think about what is happening. I'm not sure we can stop it.

We are on the brink of a world without hope of recuperation. This could be the beginning of the end of the human species. OH YES, I know, You've heard this ALL before, right? … Don't be so fast to dismiss the possibility. Not when the greatest minds of living generations are saying the same thing.

Life has already ended for thousands of species. The end of more living things than has occurred since the mass extinctions of the dinosaurs, 200 million years ago, ( These extinctions are ON OUR HANDS. In many cases, these are not extinctions, these are GENOCIDE'S!

How does this happen? One example; Why would an Amazonian subsistence farmer be concerned about the 'genocide of species' he commits by burning down a plot in a rain forest when his family is starving? WHAT WOULD YOU DO in his shoes? Would you let your family die so that the Western world could have new cancer drugs?

Until all people realize that we are connected, I don't see how we can last indefinitely.

The human population continues to grow at an alarming rate. We hit the first ONE BILLION PEOPLE in the mid 1800's. (19th Century) Now, just over 100 years later, we are at 6.5 BILLION. By 2050, some estimates show human population at 9 BILLION. THINK ABOUT THAT! These 'BILLIONS' are mostly people living in poverty. What can they do to make the world livable for you or your children? … NOTHING.

The EARTH has been compared to a living thing, called GAIA ~ ( I agree that it does act much like a living thing. It seems to me that the Earth will continue to do what it can to rid itself of THE HUMAN VIRUS. The Earth will continue to struggle against our onslaught, the way a human body will call upon antibodies to fight off a disease.

Based on what I have heard, read and seen, there will continue to be an increase in Earthquakes, Floods, Cyclones and Hurricanes. Extreme weather conditions. This is being caused by GLOBAL WARMING. If you have not read Al Gore's book: "THE ASSULT ON REASON" You should. Or at least see the movie. He IS our rightful president, after all. And while you are at it, watch the movie "ZEITGEIST": (FREE)

I feel like yelling; "HEY! The f-ing ice caps are melting! WAKE UP!" Doesn't that scare the sh-t out of you?!

New diseases are developing and mutating. A.I.D.S. is the NUMBER ONE KILLER in Africa. The MRSA infection now kills more people in the US than A.I.D.S. I have never seen so much CANCER … and it seems like every other person over 70 has DEMENTIA of some kind! (Alzheimer's) IT DID NOT USED TO BE LIKE THIS!

Wars continue to rage. Genocide continues to be practiced. Muslim Terrorists plan to kill the infidels, while we western terrorists continue to try to kill them. Religion against religion. OUR GOD IS THE ONLY GOD! KILL IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, ALLAH, BUDDAH, SATAN!

The "HAVE-NOTS" are murdered by the thousands. No one cares.

What the FU-K, man?!?

By the way, Did you know that male penises are growing shorter and shorter with each new generation? Did you know that the Amphibians are disappearing from the Earth? Did you know that it rains human fecal matter in Mexico City? (it evaporates up from open sewers and then rains back down on the people)

I was lucky to be born when I was. I have enjoyed all the fruits of the Earth. And I am now leaving the young my sh-t and garbage. Thank you VERY much! …"Please clean it up now, won't you?"

The media is going to tell you not to worry. OKAY, It's a problem … Nothing 'we' can't handle. 'No worries mate' … 'CHEERS!' … and in the same breath, they point out THE LOOMING RECESSION, THE INCREASING MURDER AND CRIME RATE, IMPENDING TERRORIST ATTACKS, RAPISTS ON THE LOOSE, DRUGS IN THE WATER SUPPLY, CRACK ON THE CORNER, DIMINISHING IQ RATES … But hey, It's all 'okay, as long as you don't venture out of your 'prescribed comfort zone'.

They want you to believe that everything outside your 'comfort zone' is VIOLENT and DANGEROUS! … However, if you just stay home and do your job and do AS THEY TELL YOU, everything will be just FINE!

They want you GOOD AND SCARED! We live in a society of FEAR. If 'THEY' keep us afraid, then we are easier to control. (SEE; 'THE CULTURE OF FEAR' by Barry Glassner)

Here's what I think: The 'media' is controlled by MONEY. Money is controlled by those who would take what is left of the worlds resources and hoard them for themselves and their kin. These are the guys who wield their power to control what you see, hear, and read … ultimately what YOU THINK.

It is their mission to make you STUPID with the NEW OPIUM of entertainment. They don't want you thinking or trying to do anything about ANYTHING that might make them share what's left of the 'GOOD STUFF'. They want you to shut up and do as they tell you to do. They want to ENSLAVE you. And in a few generations - THEY WILL.

'Entertainment' is the 'NEW RELIGION'. It is the new "OPIUM OF THE MASSES" And we are being BOMBARDED with a new 'BLITZKRIEG' of CRAP tailored made by psychiatrists, psychologists and Propaganda Masters who are working for the media moguls, who are working for the government, who are working for the global corporations. The global corporations run the world, and they want YOU stupid, satisfied and pliable.

PLEASE NOTE: People who you and I have never heard of DESIGN OUR LIVES for us.

This massive BLITZ of brainless crap on TV. "THE MOMENT OF TRUTH", "SURVIVOR", "BIG BROTHER" "PRISON BREAK" "LOST" "DIRT" "WEEDS" "HEROS" "AMERICAN IDOL" are intended to brain wash YOU. (I watch too!) They want you TO LIVE IN A DREAM WORLD. They want you to NOT TO GIVE A CRAP about Global warming or War or Pollution.

They can take our rights away one by one using the excuse that they are trying to 'PROTECT YOU'. Crimes are exaggerated ALL out of proportion. We fear to walk the streets. We lock your doors and hide in our living room watching the TV. We are RATS IN A CAGE. ALL WE WANT is to be left alone so we can enjoy your favorite show in peace!

Your life is worth less and less. There is almost no 'MIDDLE CLASS' left . What will be left when the middle class is completely gone will be The HAVES, and the HAVE NOTS. Their attitude is, "I've got mine ass-ole, so F-CK YOU!"

And speaking of the 'HAVES & HAVE NOTS': Would you welcome the new 'INFO CHIP'? Available soon in your neighborhood will be the "WONDER CHIP" A tiny chip which contains all your vital information and can locate you anywhere in the world!

This is a chip that can be implanted under your skin that would hold all your important health information, enable you or your children to be tracked in an accident using GPS, … and contain all your financial and bank records so you could shop without cash or credit cards! Does that sound great!?

If your answer is "YES, That sounds like an interesting idea" … YOU SHOULD THINK AGAIN CAREFULLY.

When enough people accept this new technology, all others will eventually be forced to do the same. (Sort of like credit cards, but WAY more imperative) When most people use the chip, the people who control that chip will control you. They will control your financial info and be able to find you. If they want, they can 'disconnect' you from everyone else. They can disconnect you from your money, accidentally or deliberately. Think about that.

Don't take my word for any of this. FIND OUT. Check it out. THINK ABOUT IT.

I'm like most other people. I would prefer to simply 'live my life' and let 'the other guy' worry about all this global warming crap, war, mind control and overpopulation stuff. Unfortunately, if you are under 40 years old … you WILL be directly effected by what is to come. Your rights and freedoms will go south for the nuclear winter. Your standard of living will be slowly but constantly eroded. One day you wake up part of a third world community living as slave labor within a 'FIRST WORLD UNITED CORPORATION', owned and operated by the greedy vampires who hold on to the remaining wealth and power of the planet.

My series of paintings will reflect my feelings and ideas. It's the best I can do for now. If I can make a few people sit up and think about it, my existence is almost justified. ~ RS Connett 3/8/2008

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