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24" x 48" (61 cm. X 122 cm.) ~ 07/2010

Original Sold
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‘ANTAGONY’ is a painting which illustrates a possible vision of the future.


It’s a painting of antagonism, disaffection and hostility. It illustrates plausible effects of world population, in conjunction with technical evolution. For the future, I can imagine death on an unparalleled scale. The painting does not show death or killing, but I’ve tried to paint harbingers of this possibility. Enslavement is a by-product of the devaluation of life. I paint that into the painting, along with addiction, sickness, symbols of war, insanity and people watching too much TV!

I see a possibility that the world is headed for a “have and have not” hierarchy. The middle class may disappear. This leaves only the ones on top, and at the bottom. At some point, people will either have abundance, or they will be lacking.

In this painting, the men on top merging with the machines, depict how the “haves” enjoy the remaining fruits of the Earth. The ‘haves’ cheat death by utilizing technology. They (the haves) self-evolve into a new human form. They reinvent themselves because they can. Pretty much like the predictions of Ray Kurzweil, only not quite as scrupulously.

Privacy as we know it, will become obsolete. Governments will use artificial intelligence to spy on everyone. You see that there are eyes everywhere in my painting. These are the remote eyes of the controllers who observe all that the have-nots do. The great herds of have-nots to come can only be controlled with constant vigilance. I can conceive that soon, every movement the have-nots make will be digitally recorded. This is already happening in many places all over the world. Our DNA will be recorded. Anyone can be easily located using GPS. There will have no escape from the government, no privacy as we now take for granted.

The population of Earth will be near a critical mass by the time we reach the so called “Singularity.” (Estimated at 2050-20060) At some point in technological evolution, humanity will be able to achieve rapid self evolution. However, I don’t think everyone will be able to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, the grim outcome for the billions of have-nots is already unavoidable. I see an interesting future on the horizon, (like the old Chinese curse) The one thing that’s most difficult to imagine is how humanity can survive much longer as we do now.

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