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GOD'S HALF BROTHER ~ 12" x 16" ( 30.4 cm X 40.6 cm) ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ 2008

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Original sold
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I'm fascinated by structures of decay and rejuvenation. Rebirth from a hibernation. The cycles of raw nature. The way man strives to mimic his visions of God. The inability to express things of importance through our invention of language. The possibilities of augmenting life so as to prolong it. The mixing of organic life created in Nature, and man's attempts to build similar structures from machines. The reinvention of science and nature. The death of our world. These are the visions that inspire my pictures such as this. It is a self portrait.

GOD'S HALF BROTHER ~ 12 X 16" Acrylic on Canvas. January 2008.

This painting began as a projection of a small drawing I'd done in 2004 which I called 'BRAIN ANGEL' I used a projector and sketched the 'Brain Angel' image on a blue-white surface.

Original sketch. Only the basic form remains

I then used the basic structure of the old drawing to expand upon and bring forth new ideas.

This is how I often paint. I see 'things within things' and follow them. Like Alice following the rabbit down a hole, I pursue my visual ideas. Spontaneous, yet also influenced by my conscious thoughts. Not of what I am painting, but thoughts that float through my mind during the perfect state of 'flow' that I achieve while painting for many hours.

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