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EVOLUTIONARIES ~ 10" X 10" (25.4 cm. X 25.4 cm) Acrylicl ~ November 2008

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Original SOLD

Prints of this Painting Available soon


In the near future people will be able to decide how they evolve. Evolution will be taken from the hands of nature and we shall control what we become through science and technology.

Breakthroughs such as nano technology and A.I.will enable us to transcend the slow pace of human evolution exponentially.

This may result in several and varied evolutionary variations. Some may choose to have extremely strong and large bodies like giant insects, while others may decide to become small and invisible like a floating energy.

Nanobots and utility fog will make the physical world and many of it's laws absolute.

Until we are able to control ALL THINGS, (in which case it is conjectured that we have become god, and fulfilled human destiny) we will be limited in the changes we can make to ourselves. This could be an amazing period where we make ourselves into our own 'Art Forms' as different and varied as snowflakes.

In this possible world, People will transcend the physicality of eons of intelligence and physical evolution in an amazing short period of time, (see The Singularity, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singularity).

There may be those who will rebel against what they see as "ungodly' modifications of the accepted human form, (see Luddites, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite).

Early adopters of modification and augmentation technologies may be termed "EVOLUTIONARIES".

~ RSC ~ 12/10/08

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